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PT, DPT, Deep Coach

Jodi Medell has been in the field of physical therapy for almost 30 years. She received her undergraduate degree from University of Michigan, her Master’s degree from Oakland University and her Doctorate degree from Regis University. She also studied traditional osteopathic medicine at the Canadian College of Osteopathy. In addition, Jodi pursued Health and Wellness Coaching and received her Master’s level certification as a Wellness Coach in 2017 through the Catalyst Coaching Institute. She continued her study of Coaching and received her Master’s level certification as a Deep Transformational Coach in 2021 through the Center for Transformational Coaching. Jodi is currently gaining advanced certification through Quantum Human Design (QHD) and is currently a level two certified QHD Specialist.

Jodi is also an athlete. She has used her fascination of human movement and the capacity of the human body to change given the forces imposed on it for successful outcomes in physical therapy. However, she also recognized over the years that an even deeper fascination is the connection her physicality has with the unformed, energetic and spiritual world. She truly believes that we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. What a gift we are and have! When we connect within to the universal oneness, we get to express and share that on a very physical level here on planet earth.

Jodi is passionate about integrating her skill set to support health and wellness in her clients. Her mantra is well-being in action. She has mastered the ability of identifying movement dysfunctions and correcting them through combining all that she has learned as a physical therapist and athlete. Beyond her physical therapy work, she is especially excited about diving deep into a healing, spirit-based and transformative process to guide her clients to a new paradigm of living that follows an inside-out approach to life. Syd Banks, a Scottish welder who had an enlightenment experience, brought this concept to our awareness and stated so astutely, “When clarity and purity of thought are present, the answer you seek will present itself, for what you seek is with you and has been with you always. In the silence of the minds lies creative incubation bringing the wisdom and the joy we all seek.” Jodi has been on her own journey of transformation and is ready to support others in their process.

Jodi has been blessed with many life experiences and accomplishments. Her most treasured experiences professionally are creating The Running Hub (Santa Fe, NM’s only running specialty store); completing her doctorate in physical therapy; beginning Integration Therapy, LLC in Santa Fe, NM, moving it to Crested Butte, CO, then returning it back to Santa Fe, NM; receiving her Master’s certification in Deep Transformational Coaching and continuing her advanced certification training in Quantum Human Design. She feels the combination of her training allows her to be very expansive in her approach to all healing. Jodi’s greatest personal achievement is being a mom. She has an amazing son that continues to blow her away on all levels daily. She lives in gratitude for all her blessings.

Jodi & Evan — 

Jodi has many interests that mostly revolve around being with her son, Evan, and with nature. She still gets up before the crack of dawn and runs daily with her son’s dog, Solo. She also loves her functional movement workouts, mountain biking, gravel grinding, dirt biking, motorcycle riding, skiing and paddle boarding. She enjoys cooking and maintaining a clean and healthy diet. Travel is limited right now, but as her son gets older, she is looking forward to sharing world travel with him. Lastly, Jodi follows a daily meditation practice that she finds very centering and healing. It allows her to connect to the collective whole to create the platform for a unified and balanced life.

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